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About Captain Mal Apps
Captain Mal Apps was started when Malcolm attended app writing camp in the summer of 2013, at the age of nine. He wanted to create an app for his little sister and soon produced tAPPy baby, an eye-catching, giggle-inducing, distraction app that little ones can enjoy without needing Mama’s help. His second app, tAPPy holidays, was more of a family effort, with Malcolm contributing the framework and graphics, and his parents adding the falling snow and Countdown to Christmas.

Funds from the sales of these apps will go toward more app writing and engineering camps, and maybe even a trip to Walt Disney World.

Captain Mal Apps are kid-friendly and mama-approved and thus have no in-app purchases, no ads, do not collect any personal information, and do not connect to the Internet.

Malcolm Gordon, The Brains, Designer, and Kid Interpreter
Alicia Gordon, Consulting Mama and Kid Pusher
Tom Gordon, Engineering Support

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